The first ever hip-hop party was hosted by DJ Kool Herc as a “Back to School Jam”. I created the “JLE Academy” workshops to continue the long-lasting connection between hip-hop and education.

This is a discussion-based curriculum that examines the history and complexity of hip-hop culture, its diversity, and role in social justice efforts around the world.

“Hip-Hop helped me find myself and I seek to teach others about its history and importance, in hopes it can do the same for you.”

– Stephen Tyson Jr.


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The four elements of Hip-Hop (MC, DJ, graffiti, and breaking) along with mass media (music, television, and film) will be used as tools to critique what we learn and communicate in our society about culture, race, social class, religion, gender, and more.

We will examine the influence of Hip-Hop culture on our critical consciousness for social change and use our individual and collective creativity to explore solutions for a more equitable society.

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Our Testimonials

"Professor Tyson is incredible. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to hip-hop and had an influence on everyone in the class."

– Jamarcus

"This was the best class I've ever taken."

– Christine

"I got so much out of this class, I learned a ton from the professor and from other students and I would recommend this course for anyone even if they aren't a fan of Hip Hop because I learned so much more than just that."

– Tracy

"Explained the subject matters in a way that was very interesting and easy to understand."

– Sondra

"The presentations and videos we watched in class help me with presenting and public speaking."

– Anderson

"I really like how we connected everything in the class with what’s currently going on in the world."


“I really enjoyed all of the projects that we did! They were all well - rounded. Everything had a purpose."

– Nicole

"You’re definitely the coolest teacher I’ve ever had."

– Damani

“This was the coolest class I’ve ever taken in my life! I learned more than I ever thought I would!”

– Maddie