JLE Academy connects you directly to the history and global impact of Hip-Hop culture through discussion-based lectures and activities.

Small Group Workshops

This is a discussion-based course that examines the history and complexity of Hip-Hop culture, its diversity, and role in social justice efforts around the world.

Elements of Hip-Hop culture (rap, DJ, graffiti, & breakin) and mass media (music, television, and film) will be used as tools to critique what we learn and communicate.

We will examine the influence of Hip-Hop culture on our consciousness for social change and use individual and collective creativity to explore solutions for a more equitable society.

What You Will Learn

Roots of Rap

Global Impact

Fun Facts


History of Breakin’

Music legacy

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Our Testimonials

"Professor Tyson is incredible. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to hip-hop and had an influence on everyone in the class."

– Jamarcus

"This was the best class I've ever taken."

– Christine

"I got so much out of this class, I learned a ton from the professor and from other students and I would recommend this course for anyone even if they aren't a fan of Hip Hop because I learned so much more than just that."

– Tracy

"Mr. Tyson explained the subject matter in a way that was very interesting and easy to understand."

– Sondra

"The presentations and videos we watched in class help me with presenting and public speaking."

– Anderson